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Graveyard Dates

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Graveyard Dates was made in 72 hours in collaboration with Jing Chun Tan, who provided amazing artwork (I only drew the zombies), beautiful music, and the motivation to work on this project until the end!. [LD link]


A creepy-cute tale of a supernatural-fighting agent and an anarchistic witch from another world.

This game is a mix of action platformer and graveyard dating sim. Blast your way through waves of enemies to complete your mission and traverse between worlds for love, while keeping an eye on your phone for important messages.


  • 2 playable characters
  • 6 levels
  • Multiple endings
  • Dual wielding
  • Mission ranks
  • Dating ranks


  • WASD /arrow keys: move
  • Spacebar / Z / W : jump
  • Left click: use ranged weapon, pick options on your phone.
  • Right click: use melee weapon.

Original soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/spiderlili/sets/ludum-dare-41-graveyard-dates-ost

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adriendittrick responds:

what happened?

pls its so hard to shoot and walk at the same time but otherwise i rlly like this game

This unironically judged my dating skills (Above average for whatever reason lmao), managed to figure out how to get the two endings after playing through it the second time. Again another clever game, kudos! (I love the gimmick of these two characters working against each other especially)

adriendittrick responds:

thanks for playing till the end twice :)

Very interesting, but also very frustrating! Feels like it is so close to being something great if it just had some more time in the oven. The whole story of two people working against each other but loving the other while doing so through text messages made for a cool story that I wanted to get through, and I liked the interesting multiple choices and endings. The gameplay, though, was overly hard with spongy, annoying enemies that knock you all over and deaths making you restart the whole level, killing the pace and charm as it just makes you listen to the dialogue over and over, cheapening it. The separate grades for combat and dating are interesting, but I would rather the combat and the dating be tied together better: they kinda as are sometimes knockback can push you too far forward, missing a text, but it's a bit weak. For example, instead of making a death make you restart the level, maybe a death revives you close to where you are, but the time it takes to revive means you waited too long to respond, making it awkward, or maybe it makes you send an involuntary angry message saying you're busy (trying not to get killed again). Basically, I think either the combat should either be easy so the focus is on the story (which kinda works because I think we assume these two are experts in their fields), or the combat should be kept hard but it has an impact on the dating instead of just forcing you to reset and kill the pacing.

EDIT: Being a bit more spammy helped with my subsequent runs, so even though I had difficulty with my first run, maybe others didn't have as much trouble if they were spammy to begin with. Other endings were interesting: cool use of 'not answering' in some of the last parts being a good potential answer. Wish the endings had a bit more fanfare to them with an epilogue or something, especially for the best ending, though seeing at least a little ending screen for each would be great!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks a lot for the thoughtful review :)

I had fun, it is an interesting concept and i wasintriguide by the story, the sprites sort of crash, is a reqally weird contrast seeing enemies and protagonist, so for the art style, not my favorite but overall my favorite things was...NAH FUCK THAT, I HATE THOSE EYE TREES, THEY ARE THE FUCKING WORST

adriendittrick responds:

yeah the trees are a pain :p