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Reviews for "Graveyard Dates"

Wow! Did you really did this in 72 hours? It's awesome! I love everything about it. The gamplay, the setting, the script. I'd love to play a sequel or something. Congrats!

adriendittrick responds:

This was a 2-person project so I guess it's more like 144 hours in the end, but yeas those were 3 days :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
No sequel is currently under work, however I plan on reusing those 2 characters for another project.

no blam for you - Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks a lot, D!

cool game with multiple ending i got the good ending i did not know there was a way to not to reply to messages wish it had said in the game cool game there is a problem with enemies hitting you and you getting flinged which is annoying

adriendittrick responds:

You can use the enemy hits for speedboost tactics!

Nice. I made the boyfriend live the first time, the girlfriend live next, then united them for the final run. That last run is nice too, I'm pretty sure I could kill one of them off and see multiple endings from just the final level, just due to their different jump physics. I didn't try that yet.

Edit: and the answer is no, falling just causes them to wrap around to the top. If either one of them dies, the mission fails at that point. I can confidently say I've seen all endings!

adriendittrick responds:

Woah thanks a lot for trying all of this :)

es unjuego muy hermoso disculpa es que mi ingles es malo y no se como esrtibirlo