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Reviews for "Graveyard Dates"

Really fun game, almost unbelievable you made it in 72hours. Only point i would check is the fact that at the final level i couldn't see where i was going since Scarlet was already at the boss and so the main character was taking damage for no reason.

Just saying that Scarlet is not a bad name

adriendittrick responds:

I know right!

I enjoyed it even though it is a bit cliche with the anime tropes (Girlfriend demon while the boyfriend is some blue haired anime protagonist) The controls were subpar and the platforming was obnoxious. just because I ultimately feel indifferent to it doesn't mean it's bad. I will be interested in your future projects.

i like it and i got a s + at the end

It shows you put a lot of effort into this. So, I don't want to dissuade you from continuing.
However, the platforming is rather annoying. The jumps seem too floaty.
The AI gets stuck too easily, but get alerted in such a manner that it is almost impossible to avoid damage when they drop down.

Plus the first enemy (I'm assuming some sort of ghoul/zombie) doesn't have any details, but the blue spirits and eye monsters look just as detailed as the main characters.

You do have a good story, but the big demon at the end seemed like it was Scarlet's boss, until you read "no girlfriend" at the end.

I do like the fact that you put the effort into making multiple endings.
Overall, it can be a lot better, but for what it is it is okay.
I hope to see your future works.

adriendittrick responds:

thanks for the thoughtful review :)