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Reviews for "Graveyard Dates"

GRAARRAH!!! I can't keep playing this game over and over again if I can't get the dates perfect!!! The combat gets so difficult in the later stages with those damned sprites divebombing you every 5 second. I want the best ending but if I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, there's nothing I can doooooo! Walkthrough? Pretty please?

adriendittrick responds:

Honestly the best ending happens if you ignore every single text message, but you'll have a really bad score for the first 4 dates.

I got all Cs in the missions and AABCAS+ in the date section.

adriendittrick responds:

Congrats on your perfect date!

Really fun game, almost unbelievable you made it in 72hours. Only point i would check is the fact that at the final level i couldn't see where i was going since Scarlet was already at the boss and so the main character was taking damage for no reason.

Just saying that Scarlet is not a bad name

adriendittrick responds:

I know right!

I enjoyed it even though it is a bit cliche with the anime tropes (Girlfriend demon while the boyfriend is some blue haired anime protagonist) The controls were subpar and the platforming was obnoxious. just because I ultimately feel indifferent to it doesn't mean it's bad. I will be interested in your future projects.