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Reviews for "Graveyard Dates"

Good concecpt and fun game. Atmosphere's great and gameplay is fast paced and minimilistic.

The movement can be a bit unresponsive at times, the knockbacks scuffed, f4 doesn't full screen and I pressed escape to pause it and my game just black screened.

All that aside it's a fun game dude, good job.

adriendittrick responds:

Oh right, F4/escape are keys that only work in the windows version.

es unjuego muy hermoso disculpa es que mi ingles es malo y no se como esrtibirlo

I'm really sorry, I want to give you more stars because you're clearly passionate. But this... this doesn't deserve anything more then a 1. I'm really sorry.

I've got to give credit where credit is due: the music is pretty cool. Very spooky atmosphere. And I'll admit, the gameplay was just fun enough that I finished the whole thing. But it wasn't THAT fun.

As far as platformers goes, movement is very unsatisfying. You slip and slide all over the place, jumping is weird, and then in the last level you control two characters and it's impossible. Also, as other people have said, the knockback is atrocious. The game as a whole feels so floaty, and whenever you hit an enemy you're sent flying back like you just got caught in a hurricane.

But the action platforming isn't even the worst part: it's the "dating sim", if you can even call it that. I'll admit it's a unique concept, and I probably would have liked it more if the two characters weren't the most obnoxious people I've ever read. I tried to get engaged, but come on, why does the demon girl HAVE to type like a middle-schooler? Because anime?

I actually decided to have the guy just stop responding to her altogether, and you know what happened? I actually started getting better scores! Suddenly my affection was at a 6 and I was getting an A for the date every level. By ignoring her! So what we've got here is a dating sim that isn't even functional, and which only serves the purpose of telling the story of the two most annoying characters ever written. Hooray.

I shouldn't rip too hard into you. You're clearly very passionate about making games, and this is better then most people will ever do. But I also think if you want to be a great game designer, you gotta graduate from making competent games to making good games. And while this game is pretty competent, it's far from good. Keep it up.

Nice. I made the boyfriend live the first time, the girlfriend live next, then united them for the final run. That last run is nice too, I'm pretty sure I could kill one of them off and see multiple endings from just the final level, just due to their different jump physics. I didn't try that yet.

Edit: and the answer is no, falling just causes them to wrap around to the top. If either one of them dies, the mission fails at that point. I can confidently say I've seen all endings!

adriendittrick responds:

Woah thanks a lot for trying all of this :)

A really good concept. The gameplay feels a bit off but the game has the potential to be a great one.