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Reviews for "Graveyard Dates"

Nice. I made the boyfriend live the first time, the girlfriend live next, then united them for the final run. That last run is nice too, I'm pretty sure I could kill one of them off and see multiple endings from just the final level, just due to their different jump physics. I didn't try that yet.

Edit: and the answer is no, falling just causes them to wrap around to the top. If either one of them dies, the mission fails at that point. I can confidently say I've seen all endings!

adriendittrick responds:

Woah thanks a lot for trying all of this :)

A really good concept. The gameplay feels a bit off but the game has the potential to be a great one.

The gameplay is pretty good, but the platforming and shooting don't mix that well with the chatting, especially when some oppurtunities to text things disappear if you don't click then fast enough. There should be some visual indication that you have limited time to select a message, which would add more urgency and be more fair. The ending was really abrupt, and I think you should have some animation of Scarlett morphing into a demon to make it more apparent you're facing off against her and not some random strong enemy you come across. The boss could use some better design because there aren't interesting ways of attacking them/dodging their attacks.

adriendittrick responds:

There actually is no time limit to select a message, they only progress once you move forward a certain amount!

Neat premise, but the gameplay is really frustrating. Controls felt awkward, and getting knocked around everywhere just gave the whole game a weightless feeling.

Okay, so here's what the game has to offer:

-Fantastic, original concept
-Nice story
-Great writing

-Tricky or annoying platforming at times, especially in Scarlet's levels for some reason.
-WAY TOO MUCH KNOCKBACK. Most deaths were due to this, and even more annoyingly, you could be knocked back far enough to skip a text choice on your phone. I had to kill myself more than once simply to redo it.
-Visuals styles can clash at times(especially the zombies, I know you drew those, but you probably could've done better than that ;P)

-It was a bit laggy for me personally, but maybe that's only on my end.
-Characters don't face backwards, which is a weird choice considering you need go left at times.
-What is Scarlet's weapon? Claws? Needles? It's hard to tell from the animation, and it looks a little too detached from her.
-Maybe add a checkpoint halfway through the level?
-I could only get a score of 6 on the first date, even with all the right choices, all I could get was 5 at most later on. Am I missing something?
-Not sure if you're planning on fixing this more later considering it was a contest entry, but if you did, addressing some of those issues would be nice.(ESPECIALLY the knockback)

Overall, it could use some work, but a good game is definitely there. Nice job~

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for the very thougthful review :)
The game was originally for windows only but then I converted it to HTML5.
Scarlet's weapon are giant retractable claws, yes.
I thought about mid-level checkpoints but it would mess up with the phone choices.
Unfortunately, this is a very old project so I won't add anything to it. However, I am considering reusing this phone concept and those characters!