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Music: Mork

Coding: Tykua

Art: Tykua

Controls : 

  • WASD To move or Arrow keys
  • Press Escape to pause

tips :

  • Try to go between them
  • Go in a circle and move between them
  • The yellow guys destroy the other enemies!

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I would definitely play this as a full game, as long as it had a few more enemies and maybe a story

Not too shabby. It's a simple game, but simple doesn't necessarily mean bad, as simple can be addictive and fun, which this game could be. I did like dodging around the enemies, weaving through them and slowly seeing my player upgrade in tune with the music. However, right now, I felt like the game is a bit overly plain and lacking which hurts it's presentation and lasting appeal. First, the controls were a bit odd. I have no idea why the player sprite turns in the direction of the mouse: you'd think it would mean you can shoot in that direction, but I couldn't find a fire button, so why does this exist? Bit weird to use a triangle as well for the player since it would usually mean that W would move you forward, not up, like a rocket in an old Asteroids game. Anyway, the music is cool, but I feel like it's doing all the heavy lifting and without it, the game wouldn't have much. I think the game does have a solid theme going with music since you're already have the player upgrade at certain phases of the song. Because of this, I would change more elements as the song goes on: add new enemy types, make enemies more aggressive, and so on. I think you should make all the visual elements of the game pulse to the beat like other music-based games do. Also, I feel like there should be some more special effects not only to add pizazz, but help communicate elements like enemies spawning in or dying. I recommend looking up a video called 'Juice it or Lose it' which shows how simple games can use cool techniques and effects to make it more exciting.

Tykua responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Very nice game! Extremely simple in every way, and highly adictic!

I love the music and i love how is related to the change of speed, turning way faster when your boi does. The controls are also very simple and they feel way too confortables, i mean, i get the sensation of playing in a control because of the smooth movement.

I have no idea of why this game doesn't manage the NG leaderboard system, but in any case, my record was 166, reaching the sad point where the music resets, but also reaching the nice purple color.

This definitely hits on the classic ATARI Asteroids vibe, but I thought the Player icon having a comment tail was a really nice touch, both aesthetically and for game play.
I think it was wise to have the enemies be different shapes, as I am concerned that the long Isosceles enemy units coloration might fall into certain colorblindness patterns and be hard to distinguish for those players.
I like the tunes as well, and over all the controls where amazing responsive, and I easily label my deaths as being player error.
Thank you for making this.

Okay, this remided me a little of hotline miami, dying and coming back to life are easy and fast, the music gave it more life and it pumps the idea of frenetic action, the graphics are nice, they work really well with the core idea and it was frustating in the good sense, everytime i died i only wanted to come back and try it again and again, really good game

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

May 6, 2020
8:49 PM EDT