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Reviews for "Huerage"

Fun time! Really addicting.
I managed to make it to 55, and I had a blast while doing it.
My only criticism is that the screen's too big,

Tykua responds:

Wow, thank you so much!

This is so much fun for such a simple game.
One thing though, with this being your 1st game, you've kinda set the bar high, if you plan on making more games that is.
My dude, did you up the amount the orange guys can take out to 10?
New HS 306

Tykua responds:

Wow, thank you for this score I really appreciate it so much! It can take about six enemies. And the blue squares and for the use of the blocking of the enemies and you, not for the killing.

Really simple but really fun! I found it pretty addictive, probably because I like twitchy fast games. Made it to 157, would love to see a scoreboard.

The music is perfect for this, and seems to be in beat with the color/speed change of the cursor. I wish the music would go on longer, at 145 seconds or so it repeated. I like how the movement gets faster, and there is some strategy involved in getting the orange triangles to destroy the red ones.

I think there is definitely room to add some more gameplay features, for example it would be cool if I got some kind of advantage (such as time going by quicker) by being inside the squares, or maybe a powerup that makes you invulnerable for a bit.

Tykua responds:

Wow, thank you so much for your amazing feedback, I'd love to work on it more.

It's a nice game but it's to simple, you could add some flashes and the line following the green triangle getting longer and changing color, it would be awesome. good work tho.

Tykua responds:

Thank you so much for your constructive feedback, I'd love to add new things.

This is a fun little game. I love the concept and I love endless runners like this where you can just keep trying to beat your high score over and over.

My best so far is 30 and I'll be coming back to try again. I think maybe having some things you could collect or specials you can unlock (like a weapon, explosion to clear enemies or lives) would add something extra but even as is I really like it.
Overall good effort!

Tykua responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback, I'll try implementing new things.