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Reviews for "Huerage"

My eyes can't fill the screen

Sorry, but for me, the screen size is just too big for me to even see where im going and play on.I agree with another user that commented on here of having a title screen at least for the player to press instead of just throwing you in the game to play without a heads up and so unexpectedly. Ctrls were easy to figure out at least, but still would be helpful to see on the screen as well. Last, the goal or objective of the game is not fully clear on what to do, but from reading the tips, I guess its to connect the shapes and make the longest chain possible without getting destroyed if im correct. I like the idea and the simplicity of it, but I think it needs more for this to feel like a completed game. Btw, I know you unliked or "unsad" my post. Im just being honest.

Pretty fast and smooth gameplay. Although I wish the screen optimization would be more in my favor.
EDIT: This could be optional, but a scoreboard would be REALLY perfect.

i like the music you put into it. it really gives you that "classic arcade" feel.

43 seconds

Tykua responds:

Good job!