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Reviews for "Huerage"

(it doesn't play in firefox) but I stopped at 79, INCREDIBLY hard game, but it was fun and addicting. i think the song is the best thing going for the game, so when you die and it stops thats perfect. it makes you wanna play more, dont change that part like other reviews have said. Very nice!

Almost perfect, the only critique I can give is that the music should probably continue on when you die instead of stopping as it currently gets a little bit irritating.

On a more subjective note, if the player were a little smaller and the map a little larger I think there would be a more intense feeling to it.

Otherwise it controls very well, very engaging and exhilarating!


Nice start

If you are going for shooting enemies, the speed probably will be too fast.

I got to 100!
I'm not quite sure how much more there is to it though. I mostly want to see if I can get further just for more of that tasty jam playing in the background. Is there a link to the music anywhere?

Tykua responds:

Hahaha, unfortunately theres no link for the song, but Mork has his own spotify and he creates amazing music in soundclound.

okay game
Screen size was good and large, but didn't cover the entire play area.
It is possible to fly off the edge and back on without dying.
Maybe keep the screen centered on the ship?
Add in the ability to shoot, and you've got a good asteroids game.