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The Right Turn

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Getting serious 5 Points

Enable the speedrunning mode in the settings

Head over toes 5 Points

Flip the world upside down

Hello World! 5 Points

Start the game

Overshot 5 Points

Die at the end of the second level

That could've gone better 5 Points

Kill yourself using the block switch

Fully equipped 10 Points

Attach every single button

No time for nonsense! 10 Points

Don't collect any red orbs

Scrap Metal 25 Points

Win the game

Tool Assisted Cheating 25 Points

Don't touch the ground for more than 3 seconds

Any% 50 Points

Complete the game in less than 10 Minutes

The Completionist 50 Points

Collect every single red orb

Author Comments

The Right Turn is a mouse-based platformer. Twist and Turn a device in the game to manipulate the player aswell as the game world to conquer three unique and challenging levels while collecting all 36 Red Orbs or going for a record time!


During your journey you will find four unique buttons, which you can attach to the device in any way you like. Every button has a special purpose in every level, while still being usable in a plethora of different ways. 

Even after collecting all red orbs, you can try to unlock every single one of the 11 unique medals, or even try speedrunning it, with the game keeping track of your personal best time and a speedrun mode, which adds a timer and an easy way to restart a level or the whole game with the press of a button. With some planning you can see yourself skipping parts of levels and pulling off insane tricks, to get that last button in no time!


This game is completely playable with nothing but a mouse. Everything colored orange is something you can interact with by pressing the left mouse button and dragging, pressing or pulling it. You can even use the right mouse button to cancel a jump or detach a button, aswell as the middle mouse button as a shortcut for the first attachment. The only time you'll be using the keyboard is if you want to get really serious with your times, and use the speedrun mode.

This game automatically runs a benchmark before the game begins to roughly determine your performance, and adjusts the graphics settings accordingly. You can also tweak these options in the settings menu manually.

If you enjoyed the soundtrack, you can listen to and download it for free at the highest quality possible over at my Soundcloud:


This game was made in a timespan of 2 months in Construct 2.

Any Feedback, encouragement and criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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very good game

A bit frustrating that you keep your momentum after hitting a wall

One of the most creative way to move a character in a platformer ever. The addition of multiple new buttons or switches was really well implemented. Perfect pacing, fun levels that are not too hard or too easy, interesting medals to give the game a replay value by going again and trying out different paths. What a joy to play =)

My only wish would be a High-Score tab for people to compete in.

performance is not the greatest in my cellphone, but still, the game is really good

These usb stuff are great

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2020
5:05 PM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • FamiTracker
  • Aseprite
  • Gimp
  • Construct 2