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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

I like the game. I find the jump and run controls are intuitive. With the add-ons being only toggle switches they would have been good on keyboard and could have made for challenging gameplay instead of burdened.

Prox276 responds:

Good point. I think it'd make the game a bit to easy with the flip button having a keyboard shortcut, but I can definitely add a bind for the other buttons.
Thanks! :)

The game is very creative, I'll give it that, but there's something a bit off about it. Here is my review of The Right Turn.
I'll be doing a checklist. If one subject is good, 1 star, if it's bad, no star.
Gameplay: It's very fun indeed. It gets a bit stale, but it's still fun. 1/1
Controls: They are... not good. I get that it's supposed to be creative... but everyone's allowed to share their own opinions and my opinion is that it's a bit... hard to control a panel with a mouse. 0.5/1
Story: None, which is good, it doesn't need one. 1/1
Enjoyment: I did enjoy the game, it was a ride of weird controls and spikes and I loved it. 1/1
Graphics: It's pulling off that retro look perfectly! Don't change a thing! 1/1
Mr/Mrs. Prox276, you've got a nice game on your hands, just need to polish the controls a bit. If the review offended, saddened, or insulted you, this was not meant to happen. I am deeply sorry if it happened.

Prox276 responds:

No it didn't! I value every single review. Thank you! :)

I enjoy this game alot, it's a neat concept, controls are nice, everything is great. one small nit pick, the mouse control gets a little cramped after a bit, maybe implement the jump to be space bar + the rotation dial, just to make the mouse not have to be moved up and down as much, but it's still very good controls ect

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! :)

This game is incredible!! I feel like i found treasure!!! Fantastic idea, great graphics, perfect mechanics, good music... I am happy now!

Prox276 responds:

Oh... I can't put into words how happy I am reading this. Thank you so much!

As always, you never cease to amaze with your unique game ideas. Like... I've never seen anything ever remotely close to this game in my life so far and the concept is just... incredible! ;D
I always love seeing medals getting added to games. I'll get all of 'em, get ready for that... ;)

My only complaint with the game so far: It seems to run really slow. I'm unsure if it isn't the result of me enabling some graphics enhancements (though, I just added the vignette for the test) but even so the game ran incredibly slow and it made me impatient after some time and I had to quit. I'm unsure if this is because of the velocity of the cube when you tilt the screen or if that's just the game's normal pace... It'd be great if you could take a look at that, I'd like it to be a bit more fast-paced.

Overall, it's a very professionaly presented high-quality game with lots of neat features and it's soo polished! :D You're definitely one of my favorite game developers on Newgrounds (heck, the entire Internet for that matter xD ), Spitzenarbeit!!! ;)

Prox276 responds:

I am going to upload a mobile update today :)