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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

REALLY cool. Are you gonna make a mobile version?

Prox276 responds:

Mobile Version is coming out today :)

I can see how this would be fun on a smartphone but the controls are terrible for a computer. Map them to the keyboard and this will fix everything.

Prox276 responds:

I will add smartphone controls today

How creative!

This game was WAY more fun than I expected, and I haven't fully tried the speedrun mode but jesus does it control like HEAVEN, just imagining actual speedruns of this game is such a joy. And the regular game is great too!, great mechanics that mixing them together make a really fun exeperience, and with really fun and chalenging level desing!. Although I have one question, the final white chip (or usb) was always ment to be used to be lead to the credits or is it a place holder for a new mechanic? But reallt though, GREAT JOB! :D

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! I'm really happy to hear that after trying such a risky gameplay mechanic! :))
The final button was meant to be a new gameplay mechanic. I thought about a floating button or a turbo button, but I think making it start the ending sequence is way more unique and unexpected. Also, the game would probably get old after three levels.

Damn this is fun!! love the ending song where can i Buy or download it?

Prox276 responds:

Over here: https://m.soundcloud.com/prox276/sets/the-right-turn-soundtrack

It's completely free :)