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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

This is a nice first level! make 9 more!

Prox276 responds:

Can I make 9 more games aswell? :D

It's like a normal fun platformer, except it's a pain to control and adds nothing aside from tedium. Wow, I have to use a mouse to pretend to tilt a screen? Maybe if I could really do that it'd be different, but if you're going to abstract an analog control for a digital input, might I suggest a button? Oh wait, that already exists! And then, I have to take my mouse off the wheel and use the mouse to pretend to pull a handle to make a jump happen. If only there was a control scheme to allow someone to move AND jump at the same time in a game about moving and jumping...

good game m8

Really cool! Love the professional design in everything, especially in the really flashy and snazzy main menu, which is something a lot of devs wouldn't bother with, but I greatly appreciate the effort (though the checkboxes are a little confusing and not immediately apparently they are defaulting to checked). Gameplay was great and it felt so fun to keep getting new pieces and figuring out the best way to make your way around. I could see the intro being a bit confusing for people: I bet many people might default to hitting WASD and arrows and not seeing a reaction and thinking it's broken, but I see you made the handle glow to attract attention and I like the appeal of figuring out how the contraption works. I wish the screen wasn't so tiny for my old eyes: I understand it's part of the design, of course, because the real game is the bits around the screen, but I still wish it was possible to have a slighly bigger view. It's a bummer that the game doesn't save: I really wanted to come back and continue my last session! It's a good game though, so I don't mind starting over much.

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! I just fixed the saving bug. It's one of the things that work in the game engine, but not in the final build so I had to make some adjustments there. Kind of unfortunate that most people experienced the game without the saving feature I spend so much time on, but that shouldn't be that important. :)

I had to quit and I discovered there was no saving. Good game, but add saving at checkpoints.