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Super Space 3000

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Author Comments

Be the first human to take part in SuperSpace 3000 the greatest game-show in universe hosted by Talking Head. Steer your ship through many levels, avoiding multitude of handcrafted neon deathtraps.

If you liked super meat boy you're the target audience

* Use your num pad to point where you'll go. each number represents a spot on a map.
* You can play even if your keyboard doesn't have numpad.
* high skill ceiling
* quick deaths and quick restarts
* nice graphics
* great soundtrack

On web sound takes couple additional seconds to load.‚Äč

Album Osaka Lights by Timecrawler82

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So, from what I found: time limit is pretty realistic unless you're going for the coins, and some of them are more forgiving of mistakes than others. The difficulty skyrockets at 3-4 and 3-5 though, and I was unable to get past 3-5.

Good game, but maybe not for me with slow fingers.

really good! a little too hard tho!

A lot of the most high-quality skill-based games out there are the ones that can be described as "easy to learn, hard to master". Which makes sense. If a game is described that way than that means anyone can load it up and enjoy it, meanwhile only those willing to put time and practice into it are able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with being good at the game. The problem with this game is that it isn't "easy to learn, hard to master", it's "hard to learn, and I don't know what it's like to master it because I can barely even learn it".

Perhaps I've taken too long to say what almost everyone has said already, but what I'm saying is that the game is too hard, or rather, the game is too harsh.

The graphics are great, the story is interesting (not that I was able to get that far into it), the music is enjoyable, and the overall presentation of the game is very good. I couldn't say that this game is bad, even with my inability to succeed in it, I still found myself having a fair bit of fun. The problem is that there's nothing to ease players into a control scheme and concept that they are almost certain to be unfamiliar with. If this were my game, I would make it so that the time limits weren't required, but that they were incentivized with some kind of reward.

It's a good thing that the game has a "high skill ceiling", but it shouldn't be an "expert exclusive" game. If you simply tweak the game to be more beginner friendly, this game could be incredibly fun and incredibly addicting.

EDIT: It turns out that the "time requirements" weren't required at all and now I feel really stupid. I played through a bit more and it's still good fun. Again though, it would be nice if there were some kind of incentive to get those 1-3 ranks. But now that I realize I could play more of the game that whole time, that's more of a nitpick than a recommendation.

Yaro11111 responds:

I agree with all of your criticism. I'll update the game as soon as I'll have some free time. Btw, time limits are not required to continue, you can press s to skip(which just moves you to next level, and there's no real penalty), but I think I'll also change that so it's not so harsh.

I love the premise, the graphix are fun and I love the reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when talking about the scarcity of humans and the construction of the intergalactic bypass, unfortunately I don't love the game. I hate the forced time limit, it doesn't matter how quick it reloads for restarts if that's all you're doing constantly.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2018
8:28 AM EDT