Reviews for "Super Space 3000"

This game has a creative control scheme and good graphics, but the time limit is just so annoying

It's an... interesting control scheme. But the learning curve is SKYHIGH. I'd ease it a bit on the player by giving time constraints as a secondary objective, so one can play through the narrative.

Amazing and Very Unique Idea.
The problem is it isn't very fun.

Graphics are good, music is a bit piercing in the very intro, and the control scheme is creative.

Granted, I wouldn't make it easier...aand I just noticed you cite Super Meat Boy as inspiration. Now, that's great and all, but as someone who's played super meat boy and figured out the premise for A+ levels...there's a difference between forcing a time limit and encouraging faster completion. Even though restarts are quick, I'd prefer I lost when time ran out and not be told I was too slow on completion of the level.

i kinda like it,the atmosphere,the graphics,is cool,but i did not like the fact that you have to be sonic to complete the stages,and both controls are not good. but great job