ZS Dead Detective - Graves & Secrets

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Your grave is forever... unless someone steals it

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Author Comments

You don’t have to be dead to play this game

Another entry in the “Zombie Society” series.

Zombies have conquered the world, and they have established their own society.
It’s a lot of fun, but even zombie society has its criminals!

Meet Margh, undead private detective, and his partner Ghvnn, and help them solve the case at hand in this funny point and click adventure!

Interrogate the suspects, find clues and combine them as if they were items in your inventory, form your own deductions and find the culprit… or accuse the wrong zombie!

- Voice acting! (sort of)
- Instantaneous translation from ‘zombiesh’ to english (be warned: zombies tend to say “brain” a lot!)
- Hint system that will give you a hand when you’re stuck (simply talk to Ghvnn)
- A deduction system that will make you use your brain!
- different endings depending on your choices
- pixelated original art
- a complete walkthrough (you’ll find it in the options panel)

AUTHOR'S NOTES-------------------

Hello guys! Another episode of the Dead Detective series is here.
Hope you'll have fun and, as always, let me know what you think of the game with your reviews

Thank you!

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Pretty entertaining

Good game

whooo took me two tries to get it

i'm amazed they can't smell him XD Especially Maargh's hungry assistant

pre emptive 5* to be edited later, i know this is going to be good, haha

you have a minor bug where when i click on the archive in the detective room marrgh says i won't use that on THAT! (at the start of the game going to the office right after graveyard).

hmm, after seeing the mask, i need to look at the mayor from the previous game *suspicious*

The thing about the humans in there is veeeery interesting >:D. After examining the mayor I wonder if he also is secretly a human. The love letter between the disguised living human that was hanging out in the grave and the other disguised human princess was interesting. I wonder if all the people in power are actually disguised humans, and why the zombies don't smell them! (Why don't they smell them?! how mysterious.) Hoping the next game explains how they disguise themselves xD

Muja responds:

Eheh, there's a reason they can't smell them... and it will be explained... but in the desktop game that will be available on Steam, Gog and other shops (God knows when, I hope very soon)

Hello, it's your old friend Kaboomexplosion!

Maaaan I love it when characters remember you from previous games, but I wonder how this might work if I played this game before the other one! Haha, something to consider. I also like that there is always a side story going on. It really encourages people to come back to play your games and keep things tied and interesting. Great job once again man.

Please explain that leather jacket dude is there a game or meme i missed or smth? haha

Muja responds:

Once again, thank you a lot for your review!

The "leather jacket" dialogues are a reference to a recurring gag from the Lucasart Games from the ninties, like Monkey Island and Indiana Jones ;)

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2018
12:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click