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Neo Nue

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Entry for 2018 Summer AniJam : Sexy People do Ugly Things

If you haven't watched my past 3 entries:
Prison of the Clairvoyant - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713225
The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714109
DRMCTCHR39XX - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/715110

I suggest you watch those first before this one.

(Quick note! I'm feverish and lethargic and suffering lower back pains at the time of typing this description, which is why I had to stop production and upload this as is a day before the deadline. Couldn't afford to spend anymore time on it. Sorry for the few dips in quality!)

Took all my time for a week and a day for production. The earlier two weeks were for writing the story and sloppy storyboarding. With little time left I had to be smart and stick to messy lines and minimal colors. Struggled with this one, During the process I kept thinking that I'm running out of creative juice.

There's a part where I wanted to insert a quick montage of our main character shapeshifting into different people and inducing nightmares after their sexy sessions to add to the narrative. If you notice the awkward cut to the zoomed bust, thats where its supposed to go.

Anyway, sexy people doing ugly things. Clearly the sexy aspect here is blatant. As for the ugly things: inducing nightmares in people can be ugly. Leading people on and dumping them can be ugly. Punching a face can be ugly. Shapeshifting into a beastly being can be ugly. Dying can be ugly. I'm practically spoon feeding you if you're reading this before watching the animation. I should stop.

Animated by Karl Sia

Rocket - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Nice Stuff man! animation is top quality!

Well it's easy to catch the sezy, and the ugly's not far away either, but I wouldn't have taken the shapeshifting literally if you didn't say it that way - I would have thought it was more of a symbol for how she moved between people, ditching one for the other so fast, just floating away; flowing onward... and then the giant crashes the party and some one is dead... I didn't really catch that ending! Maybe it's meant to be abstract? Maybe there's meant to be a red thread and story all the way through?

Apart from that confusing finale I really enjoyed the animation here, and color, and style, and the subtle background electronica all the way through. Twas a work of art! But if there is a story: that part could've been the bit to work on.


KarlSia responds:

Thanks! That metaphor for ditching people is a very interesting thought. Good catch! and works too. If you check the reviews of @Thereviewtrickster on all my summer jam entries, you can see how they're all connected. He's pretty much been hitting bullseyes!

I had a hard-on.

Digging the minimal use of colors to portray neon lighting and this short piece. I'm assuming she is supposed to be a succubus of some sort or just something that enjoys causing issues but is ultimately being watched by a higher being.

The graphics were smooth. Kevin MacLeod can seemingly provide music to fit almost anything, one of the two most prolific and long-lasting fast music producers as well.

Overall, awesome piece really, new fan. :D