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An entry (hopefully) for round 3 ProblemJam of the Summer Animation Jam 2018.

If you haven't watched my past 2 entries:
Prison of the Clairvoyant - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/713225
The 2nd Wilhelm Tragedy - https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714109

I suggest you watch those first before this one.

This is actually my first collaborative animation with other people online. A big thank you to Anairis and Jeremiah, I'm forever grateful for your help in lending your stellar voices to bring these characters to life!

Now to the gist of the animation. What's the problem of the future here you ask? There are a lot. Generally speaking, this is a post apocalyptic future. Modern society is history. Cities have crumbled and are no longer inhabited, this particular remnant of a city has succumbed to the harsh desert, our protagonists' lives are going to hell if they can't find food and water, people are being spied on? What is even going on here... is this chaotic future the effect of some colossal being?

I hate it when I sound like I'm making excuses, but anyway, I guess I got too ambitious. I only started production after I finished writing the story, which by then only nearly half of the allocated 3 weeks before the deadline is left, also leaving little time too for the voice actors to do their magic. And while considering the time remaining for production, I had to think of ways to be creatively efficient in planning the visuals.

A funny thing that happened was that I had a dream exactly one week ago about missing this jam's deadline and TomFulp sending me a message of my disqualification. Premonition is real guys.
(Well, almost real. Tom hasn't sent me a message yet.)


Animated by Karl Sia

Ayla - voiced by Anairis Quinones

Zed - voiced by Jeremiah George


The camera angles and grainy-ness of the shots from the drones are spot on. All the elements contribute to the ambiance that feels like a post-apocalyptic future which seems to be what you were going for so you nailed that as well. I feel the intro text could have gone by faster (i.e the text types out quicker). I also feel some animations were just put on a loop to pad the time a bit (e.g. the 2nd drone video). Overall, a really excellent entry. Hope the next one is even better!

Very, very nice. Bravo. Alya hit the voice acting head on, and the animation was delightfully appropriate to the setting.

The intro was too long and I almost stopped watching, which is a shame because the rest of it was great!

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This animation looks amazing, this is studio quality animation.I only have two very minor critics on this but I don't believe that they are worth dropping the rating down from five stars. First, the intro runs a little bit long but I understand that it's important to the story and tone. The second minor critic is that when Zed is arguing with Ayla in the first recording, right before he turns away from her to leave he gets highly aggressive. The problem here is that his body language doesn't quite match the tone of the voice. It sounds like he's about to get as close to her face as possible but then he keeps some distance from her. But this animation is really a five out of five. Amazing job!

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it was a little short but it was worth the while. i hope you follow up on this short story and expand on it. i would very much like to see that!

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Aug 7, 2018
12:00 AM EDT
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