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Reviews for "Neo Nue"

I like this animation. It's not really what I typically am into, especially since I'm not attracted to women and I don't read or watch anything where the majority of the content is sexual, but it surprisingly had enough actual character and story to keep me interested throughout. I'm a sucker for the neon aesthetic, though, let's put that out there. The fact that there was no sound aside from the music felt a little strange. It definitely looks like the animator has some degree of respect for women. Good job, and keep on animating.

Godammit Karl. You gotta give me some tips.

I was high af and that was my shit, gj man o 3o

Oh, I love this one! I really admire your dedication to creating something different for each jam. The neon 80's style here was awesome. And now I've finally got the story together. But more on that later. The animation was great as usual, I really liked the transformation animation at the start (yes, including the jiggle physics, they're significant to the theme). It wasn't really clear what she did exactly, I guess I didn't focus enough on the beginning, I was probably mesmerized by the animation in that part. After reading your description it makes sense and I understand why you didn't have time to do everything the way you wanted to. I like all the details popping out through the colors, like the bartender, the drink, the eyes, etc; as well as the somewhat abstract neon setting. The music was great as well. You maybe broke the action axis a bit at the end with the arm but it's quite minor. I can definitely see that the lines are kinda messy and there's variation in quality, but I think it kinda works. The red at the end feels uncomfortable, and the character feels a pure emotion of anger. The creature she turns into at the end could have been a bit more detailed and animated though. The end shot with dr. Brie was really cool-looking. There's a lot of weird stuff going on in this city, isn't there? As for the story, it's pretty clear. The fox in Prison of the Clairvoyant was actually this girl, she's got green eyes, the fox was green. She throws people into nightmares where they feel like they're upside down. About the apocalypse, I have no idea how that happened. Keep it up, get better soon, and I can't wait to see how you wrap this up (if you wrap it up for the next entry)!