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Reviews for "Neo Nue"

cool remix

Your gonna win this jam

Sick. Reminds me of Jérémie Périn's work.

Great music and superb use of limited palette and spot colors -- I know it was due to time constraints, but it was very well done. Your storyboarding was excellent, every shot was compelling and added to the narrative. Great work!

The animation and art style is pretty smooth, some very interesting colours, they really helped to highlight the sexy of it. I like this this jams because people always tend to think outside of the box and explore the concept a bt more differently.

As for the sexy part, that was very well done, since the begining the main character was pretty atractive and you explored that well. But usualy when the theme "sexy" arises, I tend to wish people would explore that beyond the "female sexy", and I think you could have done that, there were men, but you didn't really seem to have explored their "sexy".

As for the ugly part, that was explored in an interesting way, you took the concept of ugly beyond the visual. I liked that, but I had the feeling that the "ugly" part was a bit too localized, there were spots of "ugly", moments in which it had happened, but on the most part there wasn't.

Overall, analyzing the idea of "Sexy People Doing Ulgy Things", I think it was explored in an interesting way but got a bit unbalanced. There was a constant "sexy" but the "ugly" is localized, which in the end made the animation not able to deliver all it could of the concept. With that aside it is a great animation and very nice to watch.

KarlSia responds:

Thanks! Appreciate the input!