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Young 10 5 Points

You reach your first 10. Prepare for a long journey.

Confirmed 100 10 Points

Wow. Nice one. You finally understand that 2+2=4. Congrats.

Get 1000 50 Points

You reach 1000. You are a logic master. You can put it on your CV.

Faster than light Get1000 (Speedrun mode) 100 Points

You have reached 1000 in less than five minutes. It's impressive!

Master of Get1000 100 Points

You reach 5000. Only few players get this medals, you are really good at this game!

Reach the end of Get1000 0 Points

You have made your choice for Mr Medal and... it's ok.

Super calculator 10.000 100 Points

Beardroid, the developer of this game, is honored to give you this diamond medal for your effort. You're the best.

Author Comments

Get1000 is a logic puzzle game inspired by 2048 where the goal is to merge tiles to get 1000 at the center.

Four game modes are available:
* Classic: Take your time to solve and reach 1000.

* Speedrun: Reach 1000 as fast as you can on an unique grid to compare your time with the world!

* Time attack: Reach 1000 in a limited time: Be smart, Be strategical and.. BE FAST!

* Daily quests: each day, four quests are proposed to challenge your logic skills.

More features (on the mobile version):
* A mistake ? Don't worry, the back button (bottom-right of the screen) is here for you.
* Auto-save in classic and timeattack modes!
* Compete with your friends : World highscores are available for each game mode (classic, speedrun and timeattack)
* Medals to collect XP!

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Some hints for the game modes:
Time Attack you can do quickly to 10, then start planning ahead a bit building some X0 for later.
10k score: Dont waste multipliers for single digits if possible and build until 1 life left on the 9, 90,900 because you get a full refill after those.

It's 5/5 alone based on concept, but
I have many grievances with the game
1) not enough health
2) not enough space
and as such too unforgiving and merciless and too reliable on luck
3) I feel like it's unfair that if I make a combination using more than 3 moves, I only receive 3 health back
4) as such the game doesn't allow me to make mistakes, or simply have FUN, nope instead I have to be overly strategical, even if it's pure luck
5) It quickly gets boring once you achieve the 1000, because there isn't variety, like, instead of getting 10, 20, 30, maybe should have been, 11, 21, 32
6) annoying is that I can't move the numbers that are adjacent to the center through the center, nope, only corners
I know that there are daily challenges, but nobody cares about them.

It's been 2 years, but it is now that I revisit the game. It's okay, it looks good, plays good, but could have been better.

How do you get the end though?

Just found this fun little puzzle game, and I got to say I really enjoy it. Love the special numbers for 42 and 69. Good times!

Super fun puzzle game.

This game is addictive. I can't stop trying to beat my highest score. The only problem I have found is that for some reason the high score shown for daily, week, and month is my high score from some time ago. However, that is a minor fault, and I think it is a great math tool for kids to learn their multiplication tables.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2018
7:06 PM EST