Reviews for "Get1000"

This game is really good! You've made me try until I beat it! And then try again!

Few things to notice:
I had muted the music, and when I got to 1000 it unmuted the music automaticaly although the icon was showing as if on mute;
I never thought of using or used the back button;
The NEXT TILES section could still work after reaching 1000;
It seems HIGHSCORE CLASSIC doesn't update on the go, as it was still showing 800 when I reached 4000;
Maybe you could let us combine x2 with x5 until 1000 and then combine anything?

Very solid game though! Well done!

Not bad better than get 43949u8u8397 whatever it's called

Solid game but it does not save my progress. Quite a dealbreaker.

RealBeardroid responds:

Sir, I heard your complain and now, your progress is automatically saved in classic and timeattack mode.
You can switch between modes, crash your computer, it's ok ;)
Have fun!

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. I kinda wish this was an app on the phone. It's just like 2048 but more challenging

I very unique problem solving game. I really love this.

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you a lot. I really enjoyed doing this game.