Reviews for "Get1000"

g8 game bud

RealBeardroid responds:

Thx bro.

I click a tile. I drag to make a move. I change my mind. I do NOT release the mouse. I move my mouse back to the tile that I originally clicked. I release. It still makes a move and forces me to use an undo.

What the hell kind of design is that?

RealBeardroid responds:

I'm sorry I cannot reproduce your bug :( Could you send me a pm?
Try to reload your page to have the new version, I have fixed that normally.

It's a very clever game... COULDN'T find a way to turn off the music. hence 4 stars

RealBeardroid responds:

Hello Kizouriin! Thanks for the review!
You can turn off the music thanks to the button at the top-left corner of the screen game.

A pretty clever and unique twist to the puzzle genre, with so many alternatives to keep you hooked, too! Daily quests and all. Any chance you might add medals to the game too? Nice work!


RealBeardroid responds:

Thanks for the review!
After discovering that I can use highscores (that are added), I discovered that I can use medals so I will definitevely add medals :)


This game is fun. Nice work!

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoy the game.