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Reviews for "Get1000"

Before anything else, I want to say just how much I want to hate you. Every single day since discovering this day, I have been obsessing over that medal box. I have been coming on every single day in order to get my 4 badges, and then I will go back and forth from the main menu to see if I can maybe get it to overflow. But it keeps teasing me, resting just on the edge of spilling over, but not actually doing so. And in addition, I wake up 6:00 AM to go to school, and go to school at 7:20, and since the challenges open up at 8:00, I have to wait through my entire school day to see if I can beat the new challenges. And this repeats every, single, day. I am addicted. I mean, who needs crack when you have Get1000? Oh hey Techno, what have you been spending all of your time on? Well, Get1000, of course. Congratulations. You have me hooked. I cannot leave. I think I am dying.

Overall, really good, but there could be more variety in the quests.

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you for this review :) I hope you'll finish this game to be free again :D You deserve it

This is an excellent logic game! The game play is simple, and the set up is easy to understand as soon as you get going. The fun music is also a plus. Well made game, usually I have issues with buffering and I had none here.
Well done!

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you!

Remember that Spastard review? Uh.. my daily challenge medals don't save. I has the 8192, 2048, and the SQ one if you can give me them back.

After 3 hours I reached 3000. Very addicting game!

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you for playing this game ;)

For a guy who has spent an embarrassing number of hours playing 2048, I found this to be an awesome game. Interestingly, while I could listen to a podcast or talk to my mom on the phone while playing 2048 (sorry mom), I actually have to concentrate to play this game well.

My only suggestion for improvement is a more gradual difficulty curve after getting 1000. I had to get really lucky (i.e. an avalanche of x10's appearing) to get to 40k. Since, at that point, each tile to the centre requires at least 5 moves (e.g. to get 50k you'd need four x10 drags to/from a 5, and then move to centre) and you're only getting 3 moves back, it becomes an impossible proposition very fast. I still play 2048 on and off now because I know it's THEORETICALLY possible to get the 32768 tile, and I just suck too much to do it. But, barring a new strategy/persepective dawning on me, it's hard to bring myself to play Get1000 classic anymore, because I know that even if I play optimally I'd need ridiculous luck to go far.

So here are a few ideas (some quick-and-dirty, some rather foundational) that could alleviate the late game issue:

1) Start having things like x20, x50, x100's show up after you get 1000 (and maybe scale the multiplier up somewhat after each "tier" of tiles.
2) Award more than 3 moves for each tile to the centre in late game.
3) Do away with the 10-life cap. Doing that from the start would probably make get 1000 too easy though, so that would require some balancing.
4) In addition to addition drag, allow multiplication drag (e.g. I press some hotkey like X on the keyboard, and drag becomes multiply, press A and it goes back to add). You can even allow exponentiation drag! (9->2 becomes 81, 2->9 becomes 512, and so on.) I know this is appealing/useful only to like 0.0073% of the general population. But hey, at least people can just make 10's and raise them to higher powers of their liking, which would totally open up the late game situation.

So yeah, now I'm just ranting. Before any of those changes happen, I'd probably just come back and do the daily quests until my badge tank overflows. If for some reason you actually would like to hear more of my terrible Math nerd ideas, feel free to PM me.

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you for this detailed review.
Really interesting ways for improving the game! Thank you a lot.