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Reviews for "Get1000"

Great game

To start off this review is kind of hard because Theres so much to start with, I guess I will start off by saying that This was kind of nifty work you have here, ultimately This can even be better with a few extra details and suggestions, Because after seeing and playing with this game I can see that you are capable of, and that makes me really interested in this and your other works, but anyways as for this flash entry. a really great game here of strategy and a nice style its tricky and you really have to think of each new turn I didnt get far but it was a fun game.

Not really anything maybe if one thing it would have more heart oprtunities.


Daily quest is unfinished or challenge 9 is extremely rare.

Otherwise the game is easy to understand and fun to play.

I don't know if you've thought in this direction, but this game could be expanded a bit to be a great math learning tool. The first alternative could be reversing the whole game. Start at 1,000 and subtract and divide down to 1. Dividing odd numbers may prove a challenge, but I think it's worth exploring. I still haven't reached 1,000 yet but I'm enjoying coming back. I've incorporated the advice of building large numbers early. That's key.

This game was a nice variation on the 2048 game, with a hint of the Garam game as it also features multiplication and having to think where you want to end up after a few multiplications. It's rather addicting especially with the daily challenges, having to get 200 medals to open something, which would take me at least 23 more days.

Actually the game frequently hangs on the second medal screen. There appear 10 different daily challenges each awarding different medals, though I have yet to see the 9th category, so I'm not sure the third screen can be unlocked.

Daily challenges, from top to bottom:
1) Get a 1 billion tile (1B)
It's an easy one as once you form 10 you have to multiply by 10 some times, if you're lucky you won't run out of lives and have to feed the center.

2) Have 10 around center (Z)
A bit more difficult as you would block the center from being fed to get more hearts, but by thinking diagonally things can slide into place.

3) Get 1 to 10 adjacent to each other (W)
A more challenging one as all 10 needs to be adjacent and sliding tiles could change things, while taking up space, limiting the playing field that be used to feed or get adjacent numbers.

4) Have a square of tens (SQ)
A tougher version of 2 as there are limited places you can put the square. It's harder to get a specific number in the corner or side spaces.

5) Have a row of 1 to 5 (L-heart)
Is a straightforward one as usually there seem to be already a row that needs a few tweaks. Just the 1 and 5 seem to be the hardest to put into place as they're at the sides

6) Have 5 tiles of 1000 (om?)
Also easy if you have enough multipliers to pull it off, but the tiles might also stand in the way of feeding the center.

7) Get to 100 without the 10x multiplier (not-10)
Not too hard, as you can use the 5x and 2x, you can prepare some tiles in advance, and it's only till 100 instead of 1000.

8) Get a 8192 tile. (8192)
Same as 1, only requires you to get an 8, multiply by 10, add a 1, multiply by 10, and so on.

9) Unknown challenge
I havent encountered this challenge and have no medals yet of them, but the 2nd medal screen suggests it exists and is required to unlock something.

10) Get a 2048 tile. (2048)
Same as 8.

Absolutely wonderful! Ever since I mastered 2048 I KNEW I had to get this down, and I finally did it today! Thank you for a wonderful time and a brilliant puzzle.

RealBeardroid responds:

Well done! And thank you for your review :) Spread the word ;)