Don't want to be an Eye Raper

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Author Comments

Control :
1. Click and drag mouse anywhere on Desktop.
2. Touch and Drage anywhere on mobile.

Objective :
Go as far as you can without male gazing.
I mean you are not allowed to look at ladies any longer than 0.2sec.

Score :
1. The distance that you've traveled.
2. Coins on the Street.

Update (31. Jan) :
1. Medals and Leaderboards now working!
2. More description in Guide screen.

...It's a hard time for you walking down the street without proper training that this game can offer.

Click anywhere and Drag mouse to control your eyesight to go home without any shameful incident. That is, Don't look any ladies too long because they will feel offended. But you can brush across them of Course. Oh, And Don't forget to pick some coins and hearts, they are precious things in real life too.


I'm shocked to discover that the misogynistic gamers on this site still don't understand the horror that is the male gaze, and how you all rape women daily with your staring. 3.5 stars for this game, 1 of which is for the feminist education value.

How much longer do we have to put up with this century? It will be over soon, right?

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supervanz responds:

I apologize if this game delivered misconception of any kind. But, I have a hunch that if people play this game they became aware of what we're experiencing together. And maybe have a chance to think about it. In my case, it worked that way. Many players commented about this game as a representation of a sensitive culture. But, I believe that does not mean they enjoy male gaze.

Pretty interesting game, I wan't sure what to do at first but I got , the hang of it. But what the heck is eye rape lol sounds like some made up feminist word. Nonetheless great work!

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I really like the game, but it kinda sucks. It is fun, though.
The best thing about it ts the game's theme, while the game is bad. Main problem is how the player is supposed to know if a woman will come down. I lost few games purely because of that. I move my mouse at the top of the screen, I lose a life. Second: mouse locking needs to be enabled for this kind of games. I can't move my field of vision outside the screen, why can I move my mouse?
I know that the game was thought out as black and white, maybe resembling Game 'n' Watch, but it's really not nice for both eyes and ears. Maybe some music in the background would be nice, as much as the option to turn it off.

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supervanz responds:

Thank you for your valuable comments. Yes, this game does not have good quality. Many people say good concept, poor execution. I understand and I will be more serious when I make next game.

I guess this was an okay little game. It just wasn't well detailed. There wasn't much going on. Well, it did get harder. That was interesting. It's weird to talk about the male gaze.

It sounds like "male gays", which is the opposite. I could certainly follow it fine. It wasn't too easy. It's just too simple. It's still not bad.

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3.5 stars for the game itself and +1 star for the relevant portrayal of insanity that is political correctness and feminism, the totalitarian evils of our times.

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Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2018
5:00 AM EST
Skill - Avoid