Reviews for "Don't want to be an Eye Raper"

This is fucking fantastic. So short and sweet, but so stylish. Fun and fresh, a great bite sized game

supervanz responds:

Haha! Thank you for your compliment.
Yes, That's what I wanted to make.
Bite sized little fun game!

I think all of us men can learn something from this game.

Funny concept for a game, but very lazy implementation.
Could have at least made tiny changes to the controls for the PC version.
Would love to see more from you though.

This game is fairly enjoyable and challenging. I got 203 before writing this comment, yay? Anyways, the style of this game is rather enticing. It reminds me of Undertale due to the black and white (black dominating white from what I see?) and the simplicity of the details. I like the game so far. Nice work!

Shouldn't it be "rapist"? I misread the title as "Don't want to be a Rapper" at first. The game itself is a modern classic, hope to see more.