Reviews for "Don't want to be an Eye Raper"

3.5 stars for the game itself and +1 star for the relevant portrayal of insanity that is political correctness and feminism, the totalitarian evils of our times.

The concept is just too weird for me. Can't you just make a game where we end up giving this character wedgies on a daily basis?

Alternatively, how about flashing every girl you see while avoiding getting arrested or beaten up by there boyfriends.

supervanz responds:

I tried not to express metaphors too directly or offensively. (But still certain people can feel offensive, I know) And, I tried not to make characters as stereotypes. I think all of the characters have their own stories and their own rights to act like that. So if we see them as a whole, at once we can feel satire or irony. Though, such a poor execution I agree, but that was my thought.

Thank you for your concern and comment!

Silly but fun

great art style

Thank you for training me for my future. This game is sadly representative of how the world will work soon.