Reviews for "Don't want to be an Eye Raper"

Hah! So great. Nice and simple. Really clever concept and well executed. I'm thirstin for that 1000 points but man Day 3 is lethal.

fun game and i bet it be more fun on a tablet

supervanz responds:

I think you can play this on tablet with touch control!

Nice little game.

Also a very decent reflection of our "progressive" culture where looking = rape according to crazy libtards :)

This is really good. Cool idea, stylish graphic. Well done!

P.S. Someone gotta make an adult version of this, with a bit different obkective or a possibility to buy "hot" bonuses for earned scores

respect whamen

supervanz responds:

Yeah, Let's respect all the mankind in their preferred way!
And this game is one way to practice it.