Reviews for "Don't want to be an Eye Raper"

respect whamen

supervanz responds:

Yeah, Let's respect all the mankind in their preferred way!
And this game is one way to practice it.

I usually play without reading the instructions in the description to let the game explain the rules by itself.
The first couple of times i played thinking that the objective was to watch the ladies without being noticed, because the screen that says "Go as far as you can and don't look at one too long" and the picture that shows me the character looking at one girl confused me. The part that says "too long" made me think that i had to look at them fast enough.
The gameplay is fun, but after a while i spent a good amount of time just moving the cursor randomly so i couldn't lose. Maybe you should add something to prevent that.

I love the art, it's pretty old-school manga-like. I would love to know if the artist has an account here, or if you made all the game by yourself, you could post some more of your art here in newgrounds!

supervanz responds:

Thank you for your comment!
I will consider adding more stuff to prevent boredom in later part.

Yes, I made all the artworks and music.
Though I used some purchased soundFX from scirra store.

I have just started posting my works on Newgrounds so there's not much of them.
But I will try to upload my work from now on.

Nice art, cool commentary,
The only problem is that it can be cheesed by flinging your mouse around the screen.

supervanz responds:

Thanks for playing!

Yes, I acknowledged the problem, I will try to find the fix for it.

Cool, but it is easy to beat the design of this game. Because each target is only -1 life per X amount of time at 1 time, and not X amount of time total, across multiple times. All you have to do to win indefinitely is circle your mouse quickly around and around and around.... you never lose.

supervanz responds:

Thanks for playing my game!

Though I can't change a major part of this game, I will take your point seriously and use it for my other projects.

I enjoyed its unique take on avoiding, and thought the incentive of being able to move past the subject but not hover over them interesting. but the game always freezes up on me about mid-way through day 2. It kicks back in on day 3 and plays fine after that.

supervanz responds:

Thank you for playing!

Could you let me know if the symptom can be found on other devices?
Anyway, I will investigate what's causing the problem.