Reviews for "Don't want to be an Eye Raper"

Love it. This says a lot about society nowadays

So proud of myself, it said I have good manners.

I love this game. at first i didn't get it and just went in blind. so i didn't think the game was all that fun, but once I found out that I have to forget about the coins and just concentrate on staying alive the game got a lot more fun and I became one of the top 6 players who has the 1000score and all medals. thanks for making this amazing game and if you ever put a game on steam or sell one anywhere else I will buy it. I hope to see more of you.


supervanz responds:

Thanks so much for your generous review which give me the energy to carry on. I will show you the better game next time.

Funny concept for a game, but very lazy implementation.
Could have at least made tiny changes to the controls for the PC version.
Would love to see more from you though.