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World's End Chapter 3

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Breaking the Siege 10 Points

Complete Episode 13

Consumption 10 Points

Complete Episode 11

Conveyor of Doom 10 Points

Complete Episode 10

Kaleidoscopic Assault 10 Points

Complete Episode 12

Flame of Purgatory 25 Points

Complete Episode 14

Merciless Onslaught 50 Points

Achieve flawless victory in every battle

Author Comments

The darkly comedic strategy RPG continues. Will Tevoran and Company find fortune as they plunge deeper into foreign political strife?

World's End Chapter 3

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MezzanineStairs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldsEndRPG
Facebook: https://facebook.com/WorldsEndRPG
Press Kit: http://mezzaninestairs.net/press/worlds-end-chapter-3
Walkthrough: http://worlds-end.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_3_Walkthrough
More: http://mezzaninestairs.net/support

Thank you for playing!

March 6th Update:

Difficulty adjustments

Previous Updates:

- Now displaying increased jump ability as a unit status: "Jump: +X% higher"
- Stalagmite jump attacks should no longer crash. This bug applied to Flash plugin versions over 2 years old, so if it affected you then please right-click within the game and select "Check for Updates".
- Cleared obstacles in post-battle cutscenes
- Fixed a party (menu) crashing issue with the Grotto Merkin accessory
- Codex updated
- Ysabel's shotcrossbow working normally
- Stalagmites could hit unintended targets causing possible future game freezes
- Inescapable black screen if Vera is rescued after defeating Gilbrecht
- Delay between loading screen and main menu on slower connections
- No more invisible enemies in the escape battle
- Brothel inner map depth sorting and patron obstacle issues fixed

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Finally beat the game. So when's Chapter 4 coming out? I want to see Vadim in action.

Great game, very demanding in your attention in your environment. I having a marathon of the game series and i'm loving it.

However, in the final battle of episode 13, there was a bug where some bodies turns invisible, and when finally win the battle, it get stuck in a black screen. I try loading several times the save log, but nothing, i can't progress after that.

Out of that, the game is really good.

the game is awesome and the final boss is not so hard at all as long as you keep you're team healed and you keep using break bolt on the bosses so they can have there dodge chance and defense reduced greatly! i will say that break bolt and Embolden was the most useful abilties and most effective against aizu since she has massive dodge chance going for her! you're games are very challenging and fun keep it up!

Yep, still a masterpierce.

The battles are even more challenging, yet not unfair, the plot thickens more and more...

Really hope the fourth one will come soon, and thant the four chapters can be reunited in one big game.

Don't play this level unless you have already done level 1 or 2. The end stages are impossible due to the leveled up enemies.