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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

there is a comment below that stated that opening doors in the brothel mission caused the game to freeze. That is not true. I checked those doors and got loot. Nothing bad happened. I did get a crash when a stalagmite fell on a dead body, the game froze, but after reloading it did not reoccur even when the same body was hit by the same stalagmite.

Worlds end is a five star series made up of 5 star games.

That being said it is undeniable the complete madmen over at mezzanine stairs have grown more ambitious with each installment and thus climbed ever greater in my esteem.

I hope I can be forgiven for having the characters superb lexicon infect me for dialogue in this game is both crass and simple as well as refined and complex. I never felt like I was just reading blocks of text, it was that engrossing.

I truely hope you enjoy the classic combat, interesting chaacters and an ever compelling plotline that spanning the entire series is probably a half month romp of joy.

That being said THIS particular chapter is the largest yet, with numerous fun quests, and jsut when you think the stories getting predictable they throw more curveballs.

The skill system is great, youll never feel like you can't win, yet youll always feel like you never have enough (because their so good youd never be satisfied with only "some" of them)

By far the best thing of this game is the characters and the dialogue.

Worth every dime, yet somehow free...

Where to even begin? I started playing this series by starting with the latest one ( 3 ) ( which was not optimal but lesson learned lol ) After completing the third installment I liked it so much that I went back, over the last week or so, played 1 & 2 in order this time & re-played 3. The first game was quite a bit more difficult & playing any one of the games without playing at least one of the previous chapters ramps up the difficulty. I came to appreciate how important it can be to play a series in it's proper order, how acquiring resources from the previous installments comes in handy down the line & how, essentially previous actions effect what you have to work with at the time and in the future. I was also delighted to find that enemy actions are procedurally generated? At least I think they are, the enemy AI has some sort of learning curve & I rather enjoyed it. Damage too ( I did a lot of quick saves / quick loads to come to that conclusion >_> ) Solid game, solid series I'll most likely replay it in entirety in giddy anticipation of the 4th installment.

This is one of my favorite series of all time!

I just love that there are so many different viable strategies, and also requires you to constantly adapt to the terrain/positioning.

As usual, my personal challenge is to beat the game without resuming from previous chapter, without purchasing any items from Shop, without using any Consumables, and achieving Flawless Victory for every fight.

My only disappointment is that there is no hidden achievement/reward for beating both Duriken and Fallon in the fight where you are supposed to escape from them.

In the first brothel mission, do not try to check the doors, it can lead to the game freezing and you'll have to restart.