Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

i have a bug that in the part that the people of the village is against the enemy when i put quick save (i use it ussually to have better atacks if i miss) and the screen is in black and that happens also in the auto save please help

MezzanineStairs responds:

We just uploaded a fix for this. You can now resume your existing quick/auto save. Sorry for the trouble!

There's this weird glitch that happened when Aizu was captured. Zofia turned invisible and the enemies were attacking invisible things. I restarted the battle and Zofia was visible again but the enemies were still attacking invisible things.

MezzanineStairs responds:

This is now fixed. Thank you!

Amazing game! I've been waiting for part three since I discovered the first one, which immediately captivated me with its humour, its characters, its plot, its music and even the world you've made which is considerably more detailed than what one would expect. Chapter three's quality is consistent with the previous games, so well done. You've put a lot of work in this and it shows.

The only problem I see (and I don't think it's important enough to affect my rating but it may turn some people off) is the difficulty. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it's too hard. I mean the way it's implemented.

The problem I see is, if someone does not win a few battles optimally, they end up gimping themselves. So, the game ends up being artificially easier for people who are good at it. An easy way to fix that would be if at any point you could replay previous battles to get the skill points you missed (which would prevent getting stuck), or to monitor the player's performance and make battles easier for people who suck :P.

I'm just saying all that because a lot of people could miss this brilliant story for that reason. Not myself, but you might be limiting your crowd.

Keep it up and I hope to see more from you.

Praise the all knowing one!!!!