Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

Great Gameplay and Storytelling, which makes the game more enjoyable to play, Even though there were few bugs, but still, Great Game.

The wait was well worth it! Good job, Mezzanine! I think it was great seeing more of the world of World's End and seeing new characters, new enemies & bosses, new abilities, and more of the plot as it continues to thicken! I wish there was more opportunities to obtain more Zloteks for the new weapons and armor, but I'm sure you have a plan for Chapter 4 and had a reason for doing so for replayability! Keep up the good work! I'll be right here to play the next one!

Another nice game! I were waiting for this release quite long time ago. I did enjoy it, but I felt it quite easy in comparison with the other games and I do like 'em hard (no using quick save, items and with flawless victory). The last two battles were quite too easy, it was kinda dissapointing, I got more problems in the brothel and the mountain. Hopefully you can do something about that..

Overall I felt the new skills were a little too niche, but I'm quite sure they may be fun for experimentation. I mostly purchased the new passives, being +2 AP quite invaluable.

I'm not sure if you fixed it, but some characters that you don't have may appear during the shop intermission, mostly Vera and Aizu and you can make Aizu forget some of her skill, they give 1 skill point.

Well, keep the good work!

MezzanineStairs responds:

Thank you for the review and bug report!
We will be making some difficulty adjustments based on player feedback soon, and the correct characters should be appearing in intervals now.

In the earliest pre-stage party skills menu, Vera appears available as a party member and the game allows you to buy her skills even if she is not going to join the party for long (I still had not finished the game).

MezzanineStairs responds:

This is now fixed - thank you for pointing it out!

During the mountain cave, with the stalagmites and walls chunks, after the stalagmites move it doesn't seem to end their turn, freezing the game but the with the music still going, please fix this. But overall the quality still is as great as the other games