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Dragonfire: A Game of Pixels

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Blazing Saddles 5 Points

Burn 1,000 horse archers total.

Gimme the loot 5 Points

Earn 1K gold.

Home Owner 5 Points

Burn your first building.

It's what's for dinner 5 Points

Burn a cow.

Rare 5 Points

Burn 100 puny humans in one run.

Ballistageddon 10 Points

Burn 1,000 ballistas total.

BIG Ba-da-boom! 10 Points

Burn 250 mines total.

Cata-clysm 10 Points

Burn 250 catapults total.

Fire in the sky 10 Points

Shoot down 1000 airships total.

Fully Loaded 10 Points

Max out all of the upgrades.

Ghost Riders 10 Points

Burn 100 horse archers in one run.

Little League 10 Points

Fly 3 leagues in one run.

Medium 10 Points

Burn 500 puny humans in one run.

Mine! All mine!! 10 Points

Earn 10K gold.

Real Estate Mogul 10 Points

Burn 1000 buildings total.

Ba-da-boom! 25 Points

Burn 50 mines in one run. [It doesn't count if you run into them.]

Broken Arrow 25 Points

Burn 100 ballistas in one run.

Cata-strophe 25 Points

Burn 50 catapults in one run.

For the hoard! 25 Points

Earn 50K gold.

Golden Shower 25 Points

Earn 100K gold.

Home-wrecker 25 Points

Burn 100 buildings in one run.

Masta Blasta 25 Points

Burn 2,500 puny humans total.

Mile-High Club 25 Points

Shoot down 100 airships in one run.

Well-done 25 Points

Burn 1,000 puny humans in one run.

Insatiable 50 Points

Burn 5,000 puny humans total.

Major League 50 Points

Fly 8 leagues in one run.

Why are you still playing? 50 Points

Earn 250K gold. You've won the game already, we get it. You're amazing.

Author Comments

The Armies of Humankind have always hunted down and destroyed Dragons. Dragons tried to distance themselves from Humans, retreating further and further into the wilderness. Even then, the cruel humans did not relent. Instead they hunted the Dragons to near extinction. As far as you know, you are the last one. NOW... the humans are coming for you!

[] ESC: Pause game when in-flight
[] Up and Down Arrow: Adjust Altitude
[] 'Z' key: Fire down
[] 'X' key: Fire forward
[] Mouse can be used to select upgrades
OR the keyboard directional buttons (arrows and 'A'/'D') and 'Z' to confirm.

Visit www.snobox.net or www.fancyfishgames.com for more info about the creators of Dragonfire!

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Tragic funny

Pretty nice and engaging game, but the facts that there's no fail-safe to avoid damage over time and more often than not you get hit by catapults even at the highest altitude made achievement-hunting an excruciating experience. I had to give up from burning 100 airships in one run, because it's always the catapults and the inescapable damage over time ending my run when I'm a measly 17 airships short.

Really enjoyed this. A great hour+ of gaming! 8)

Good time waster, but it's a bit... plain?

I felt like I wasted my time on a boring game cause i got like 6 medals it showed but refreshed the page to see only 2 medals unlocked oh how great..

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2017
1:09 PM EDT