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Here’s the NPC editor for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
Make some characters, give them a name and a story, and they may inspire something in the actual game!

I recommend going to the EBF Discord server to share screenshots of your NPCs, and you can also chat about them there. https://discordapp.com/invite/9NdK6Wh


Cheng Su

About; He is a sensei, his parents were killed by monsters

Likes; Natalie, being on the team, eating bacons, helping
Dislikes; His katana is broken or rusty, being lazy at fighting, alone

Summons; N/A
Special power; The Sensei's twilight (Gives all 2x defence, resistant to fire, water and ice)

Powers; Multi-Slash, Fire wave (Gives foes a burn effect and random damage)

Limit break; Welcome to hell (Gives foes a multi-slash with burn effect and restores all teammates' hp and mp)

Join party; ALLOWED

Gender; MALE.

3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 2, 18, 5, 10, 7, 25, 8
A 'Retired' Veteran
Likes Shooting Shit, His Allies, Supporting, And Watching Things Explode
Hates Losing His Weapons, When His Gun Jams, Irritating Things, Enemies, and Losing His Cool

Will Join The Party, Eventually

Name: S.F.A.N.A

Race: Well an armored nexus android :3

Bio: Well he was supposed to be an enemy from this previous game but his code glitched and he now has free will to do whatever it wants. Also, it conceals it's face so then nobody can tell what it is.

Gender: N/A

Dislikes: Matt... (Because it is an NPC), Hates nature, Anything that can go in it's mainframe.
Likes: Technology, Some.... swords, Likes to give tips about every certain place.


self insert hero

8,23,5,13,2,2,14,4,11,3,52,2 John is a cool guy, he's pretty chill that's why he has hypothermia.
likes ice cream (too much) and songs (can't sing though)
John: :(

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Aug 21, 2017
9:22 AM EDT
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