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Here’s the NPC editor for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
Make some characters, give them a name and a story, and they may inspire something in the actual game!

I recommend going to the EBF Discord server to share screenshots of your NPCs, and you can also chat about them there. https://discordapp.com/invite/9NdK6Wh


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Name: John
Class: Incredibly Durable Meatshield
Abilities: A Bit Of Muscle , Incredible Resilience
Traits: A Tolerance for Pain so High that A Cannonball blast will feel like an ant bite , A Complete Numbskull (Stupid) , Hates things that look evil (Black and Red clothes , The Undead etc) , Really REALLY Dense , Still laughs at Poop Jokes
Story: Gets Beat up everyday until around 23 when he could Defend himself , He joined the army just starting out as a lowly Private , However none of his fellow soldiers know that a Sword to the chest is a laughing matter to him but since no one cared for him in his childhood he did not go to school and ended up being dumber than Patrick Star
Reason of Resillience: 1. he got beat up alot 2. he drank so much health and ironskin potions that they became permanent 3. he's stupid
Likes: Shields , Shiny Helmets , Metal and Protecting others
Dislikes: Bragging Smart People , People who use Ranged Weapons (cause in his opinion , its unhonorable) , Horrible Food and Poorly smelted metal and gear

(Wow this took me a long time to write :p)

Name: Harland
Race: Vampire
Class: Cleric
Job Title: Unholy Lord of the Dark One
Bio: Not really known. And too long to write up.
Notable moments: Slaying of the last White King
Embarrassing moments: Hard to describe, so just look at this photo 11,3,4,52,2,2,2,35,2,7,53,2

This was cool

So this was a cool game I like the idea of it but some add more to it would be nice more stuff to keep the user excited but overall a fun game indeed so nice work in deed I like the game and wouldn't mind seeing more of this type of game

More stuff to keep it exciting


Name: Brady
A nonviolent protestor who wants nothing more than to end the typical conflicts between monsters and men.

Name: Louis
Former hunter who lost the sense of it, now he travels the world exchanging bards for some cheese.

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