Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"


Name: Deez Nutty

About: Deez Nutty is an alien, he just likes to chill. He doesn't speak english at all and is very shy. He has a friend in a red jacket but he can't find him. His clothes consist of a blue dad hat, a light blue bathrobe and black shades. His combat style is dependant on him summoning spears from his palms.

Likes: Spears, cute animals and vehicles.

Dislikes: Lying (goes against his religion), vegetables

Summons: Strafe Run
His spaceship flies overhead; launching missiles, firing lasers and dropping bombs.

Special power: Ultra Protecc Instinct
Gives one character 100% increased magic attack and attack power

Power: Critical kick
Kicks an enemy in the exact spot to deal massive damage, stuns them for one turn.

Limit Break: Spear Rain
Makes it rain explosive spears

Join Party: Allowed, is super scared because he's all by himself.

Gender: Male


Name Sylvia

About; Silvia is a Gangster and a well known one at that... she has some strange fixations though and is the exact opposite of Natalie in most likes and dislikes. Has a pet Slime Rabbit

Likes Teasing men... Slime and tentacle monsters???... and spiders?! and a mostly male party

Dislikes; Boredom,un-cute things, and religious fellows yelling in public.

Summons;The gang
Summons a mob of gangsters to provide covering fire for 3 turns

Special Power;Unfair Attraction (x1.5 def atk and spd for male allies (and jealous female allies)

Powers; Explosive Traps (stuns enemies that attack her this turn+dmg and status effs) /sterling wire slice(causes Bleed) Grenade launcher barage(A.O.E.)

Limit Break!;Lovely Destruction. Launches 12 mass random status eff explosions(shaped like spider cats) that deal random dmg. (high chance of causing arachnophobia)

Join party; ALLOWD (after fighting her)

Gender; female

Cheng Su

About; He is a sensei, his parents were killed by monsters

Likes; Natalie, being on the team, eating bacons, helping
Dislikes; His katana is broken or rusty, being lazy at fighting, alone

Summons; N/A
Special power; The Sensei's twilight (Gives all 2x defence, resistant to fire, water and ice)

Powers; Multi-Slash, Fire wave (Gives foes a burn effect and random damage)

Limit break; Welcome to hell (Gives foes a multi-slash with burn effect and restores all teammates' hp and mp)

Join party; ALLOWED

Gender; MALE.

3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 2, 18, 5, 10, 7, 25, 8
A 'Retired' Veteran
Likes Shooting Shit, His Allies, Supporting, And Watching Things Explode
Hates Losing His Weapons, When His Gun Jams, Irritating Things, Enemies, and Losing His Cool

Will Join The Party, Eventually

Name: S.F.A.N.A

Race: Well an armored nexus android :3

Bio: Well he was supposed to be an enemy from this previous game but his code glitched and he now has free will to do whatever it wants. Also, it conceals it's face so then nobody can tell what it is.

Gender: N/A

Dislikes: Matt... (Because it is an NPC), Hates nature, Anything that can go in it's mainframe.
Likes: Technology, Some.... swords, Likes to give tips about every certain place.