Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"

morpheu's little brother



Im a soldier of the future who go to the past with new tecnology, i tryed go to 1940 but accidentally all go wrong and i traveled to a different dimension.
Where i start to govern a nation with the objective of conquer the world...
THE RISE OF EVIL. (Is a song, search it to understand better)

Name Cyrus Hunter


Quote: "I heard there was something BIG going on around these parts lately. So I grabbed my gear and came running to see if there were any Main Character types that needed my help!...... Although I've been here for a while now, and i haven't really seen anyone fitting that kind of description.....

angry nurse who got bored helping people and now likes to use her knowledge of anatomy to cause mass amounts of damage with every bullet, also obsessed with firearms

First off, just wanna say how cute and creative this is. A variance of options allows for tons of customization.

Anyways, heres the char I created: 2,16,5,22,2,2,41,31,6,7,29,5
Name: Lloyd (or some name beginning with L)
Casual Adventurer type
Would probably have some dialogue pertaining to the area, and how weird/scary/dangerous it is, or a quest asking for materials to make a new weapon.
You get the sense that he's your average adventurer, but those robot antennae just seem a little odd and/or mysterious....