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Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"

A vampire using his magic to create weapons made from blood. Since he is way older than he looks, he is actually pretty desinterested in all the stuff happening around him. He wishes for something unusual to happen, so that he can have some fun. Since his magic is getting stronger the more blood he can use, he prefers long battles against strong enemys. (They are more fun anyways)
In secret he fears that a vampirehunter will find him and is afraid of death, seems like he still wants to do something...
Nice that number 5 is coming up by the way!

Very neat, not much else but gives people a chance to submit ideas in a very unique and fun way


Looh Wir Cust, a cricket man who's an average miner on lease. As a young chirp of four, he was very active in playing with the other kids and was the fastest of their group because.. well. He's a bug with freaky leg running (and what have you spawns of others), but was quite a pain with his rough housing. It was give and take, but you always wanted him on your team so you could win AND he'd beat someone up on their team. While their father was always out on wood supplying, his mother, siblings, and home was the center of tormenting from others. It was the final time after Looh, who was still being the little imp he was in his fresher years, decided to intercept a bucket being thrown around by younger kids then smack it on a young boy's head he passed before the group of kids dogpiled the lad before scampering off. The older brother, who had been one of the most bullied by Looh, decided to pay him back.
Looh's legs weren't good for running after that wood delivery he was making for his dad.. he passed off the ammunition for the brother and his friends to use.
Falling into a depression gave Looh time to think over what he's done. His mother forgave his actions as a child but his father and eldest sibling held resentment for him still to this day. As he grew older, he took the time to travel around in his father's stead to try and gain some respect back, but when it seemed hopeless, he sent the wagon back without him, unable to face the village again.
His legs mostly healed, he decided to start working in the mines as part of a union (being a cricket, he had pretty sturdy legs still after being injured), getting sent around the land to dig up for different contractors. As years went by, he missed his home.
He still had many years left on his contract unless he bought himself out, which he couldn't afford to do, and the village would not have any valuable land to mine for miles and miles, which he couldn't make it without being held in court. He wishes he could go back and be quick one more time...
So he could just run home again.

Name : Novan

Totally not cosplaying Ovan from .hack or anything, that'd be crazy.


“Young man dreams of becoming an RPG main character but somehow ended up a waiter in a maid cafe. (helping his family/ low on budget/ secretly fascinated into girls' clothes/ whatever)”

Excited about EBF5! Please keep up your good work!