Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"

Ryan, a self proclaimed monster hunter. Most of his weapons were bought online.


- This is Lorenzo, he's a blind Musician, he may have no weapon but he's darn strong for a blind man.

P.S: He's retarded.

Bob, trying to pass as a woman to access some sort of secret entrance.

is how i would had looked inside the game x3

Phelta, a girl which managed to appear inside this area by.. accident? that's what she'll say at first but soon she will be saying tips for the place around and about some monsters... knowing just too many stuff for being there by accident...

and i also like this character
you can name him whatever you like.. he'll be just a character which can't wait the end of the world and the chaos to come so he'll be able to blast everything in the air without permision

I love the idea of this, it's a very unique way of potential audience participation and just generally fun to mess around with. Of the characters I've made, this was my favorite.


Martyn, a man who claims to have been attacked by one of the harder monsters of the nearby area (be it something like a golem or the boss of the area), but when called out on his bluff he confirms that he was startled by one of the more mundane enemies (like one of the bushes), tripped and fell. The injuries were caused by fall.

A potential quest being to obtain something dropped by the monster he initially claimed he fought, giving him (fake) evidence that his injuries were from an intense fight.