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Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"


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my code: 14,16,7,2,2,2,62,11,4,20,22,10


Name: Deez Nutty

About: Deez Nutty is an alien, he just likes to chill. He doesn't speak english at all and is very shy. He has a friend in a red jacket but he can't find him. His clothes consist of a blue dad hat, a light blue bathrobe and black shades. His combat style is dependant on him summoning spears from his palms.

Likes: Spears, cute animals and vehicles.

Dislikes: Lying (goes against his religion), vegetables

Summons: Strafe Run
His spaceship flies overhead; launching missiles, firing lasers and dropping bombs.

Special power: Ultra Protecc Instinct
Gives one character 100% increased magic attack and attack power

Power: Critical kick
Kicks an enemy in the exact spot to deal massive damage, stuns them for one turn.

Limit Break: Spear Rain
Makes it rain explosive spears

Join Party: Allowed, is super scared because he's all by himself.

Gender: Male


Name Sylvia

About; Silvia is a Gangster and a well known one at that... she has some strange fixations though and is the exact opposite of Natalie in most likes and dislikes. Has a pet Slime Rabbit

Likes Teasing men... Slime and tentacle monsters???... and spiders?! and a mostly male party

Dislikes; Boredom,un-cute things, and religious fellows yelling in public.

Summons;The gang
Summons a mob of gangsters to provide covering fire for 3 turns

Special Power;Unfair Attraction (x1.5 def atk and spd for male allies (and jealous female allies)

Powers; Explosive Traps (stuns enemies that attack her this turn+dmg and status effs) /sterling wire slice(causes Bleed) Grenade launcher barage(A.O.E.)

Limit Break!;Lovely Destruction. Launches 12 mass random status eff explosions(shaped like spider cats) that deal random dmg. (high chance of causing arachnophobia)

Join party; ALLOWD (after fighting her)

Gender; female