Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"

met at the beginning of the story and helps protag at times. Doesn't say anything. Info for the unmasked version of ??? below.
Name: Azzilian (Azzy)
Not as silent unmasked version of ???. After her village was burned down she was hunted because everyone thought she had done it. After a while she reveals her face to the protag after he finds her surrounded by hunters in the forest.
Mostly found in the forest but in the village after a job.
Basically a hit man-woman




Navilea has had a crush on Lance since she saw him in boot camp, she follows his adventures when she can and strives to one day meet him again

She specializes in small caliber rounds, hence her double pistols

Edward was a Hunter once, but was blinded during The Hunt.

name: Novik
wants to be a viking because of his name, but is too scared to show his face and "fighting skills". Novik has been stuck in a one area with a box on his head for so long that his hair is literally growing out of boxhead.
in all honestly, i would love to see the reward system from EFB2 come back but i'm doubtful it will come back.