Night Of The Werewolves

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Down Twisted Tales Episode 5:
Jack is a lonely guy working a boring job in a bad part of town. When a couple of rough customers come in to start trouble, only they aren't any regular customers. These customers are werewolves!

Jack's world is turned upside down as they attack and relentlessly hunt him through the city.

But there's one thing that they don't know.

Jack is crazy.....and they just bit off more than they can chew.

Night of the Werewolves is episode 5 in the ongoing anthology series- Down Twisted Tales!

Episode 1-
Friday the 13th: Bloodville

Episode 2-
Prisoner 109-

Episode 3-
Dinner (post apocalyptic horror)

Episode 4:
The Blacket Eyes (Halloween/Michael Myers)

Lake Villa Vamps (animated webseries *completed*)

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Damn son, the story is pure gold, you could make someserious cash as a writer!

SonnyFern responds:

Thanks man, if you haven't checked out the youtube page, I'll be uploading some stuff here in the near future!

o.O I dont have words for this glorious masterpiece. I finally found the spirit of the good ol' oldskool animations... This dude is my hero!

Very nice man and the story is good too. Btw at 7:32 is that an Akira face?

SonnyFern responds:

Holy shit haha I had to look at it again to see what you were talking about, but damn if that isn't an Akira/Anime face! I actually try to avoid Anime stuff, I don't wanna do anime, but it slips in there sometimes, I guess I can't help myself, stuff influenced my all through my teen years. Good eye man!

This is awesome, captured a great nostalgic feeling as well as a Tales from the Crypt vibe.
I dig it a lot man!!

SonnyFern responds:

Thanks! It's definitely a Tales From the Crypt thing, but as it goes on I think people might find it more akin to Heavy Metal, I've already had one crazy sci-fi episode called "Dinner" which had horror moments; but also a bit of otherwordly vibe going on!

This is like the good old days of Newgrounds. Watched the whole thing through and had a blast . Thanks and congratulations!

SonnyFern responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! That's all anyone can really ask of people when they create something.