snek REDUX

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*Throws Keyboard* 5 Points

Die 50 times

Acceptance 5 Points

Die 100 times

Addict 5 Points

Eat 999 Noms total

Das Ende 5 Points


Hero to Zero 5 Points

Reach 40 length then die

It Goes to Your Thighs 5 Points

Eat 250 Noms total

lil snek 5 Points

Reach 10 length

long snek 5 Points

Reach 30 length

med snek 5 Points

Reach 20 length

Om Nom Nom 5 Points

Eat 100 Noms total

Persistent 5 Points

Die 25 times

Recurring Theme 5 Points

Die 10 times

snek XL 5 Points

Reach 40 length

Social Butterfly 5 Points

Check out a social link on the main menu :)

You Can Stop Now 5 Points

Eat 500 Noms total

Adventure! 10 Points

Get the Maze Chalice

Adventure!!! 10 Points

Get the Caves Chalice

Adventure!!!!! 10 Points

Get the Machine Chalice

Munch Munch Munch 10 Points

Lose 10 length to Mr. Munch

NEStalgic 10 Points

Reach the Caves

New! Space Action 10 Points

Beat Galagus in 10 Seconds

Shoot em' Up 10 Points

Reach the Machine

Tourian Air Hockey 10 Points

Reflect 30 discs from the Heart total

Flatline 25 Points

Beat the Game

Pro 25 Points

Beat the Game with no continues

Twitch Reflexes 25 Points

Beat the Game without using Snek Time

IRL Hero 50 Points

Get the True Ending

Pro EX++ 50 Points

Beat the Game with no continues on the hardest difficulty

Snek Games Done Quick 50 Points

Beat the Game in 2 minutes 30 seconds or less

You Done It 100 Points

Get the True Ending on Hardest Difficulty

Author Comments


Take the Snek Challenge!
Details: http://tinyurl.com/snekchallenge


Zoom through mazes, fight bosses, collect powerups, and take the trophy to the beat of heart pounding music in this stylish take on Snake.

- Nonstop heart pumping snake action
- Three areas with unique challenges, bosses, and layouts
- 30 achievements ranging from the easy to "I hate you Squidly"
- An awesome soundtrack that pushes your snake experience to the next level
- Secrets.

Official Wiki: http://tinyurl.com/snekwiki


Nice game dude. I like this music and an interesting idea. But why a life have a red color, in a begin i don't take them cuz i think than it kill me XD. I have want to see a skin on my snake but it just a color.

P.S. I play with a bosses it's amazing!!! Best a snake game.

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Pretty fun. The techno music goes well with the flashy colour pixel art. I'm in love with the chunky pixels. Gameplaywise, it is fast paced, really gets you thinking. I like how you can adjust the speed of the snake; it makes for a crazy challenge up in the higher difficulties. The gimmick is interesting too - shrinking rapidly instead of hitting a wall decreases your "nom" score, but still gives you an opportunity to react, along with the slow motion. All around good stuff!

If there's anything to complain about, I didn't particularly enjoy playing this on a gamepad. Using only joystick controls, I dunno, makes it harder to play in a less intuitive way. I'd prefer the D-pad buttons, but maybe others don't play it like that? Could just be me.

Lastly, the halt noise and humour in this game are well placed. And amusing. This was very enjoyable and cute. The bosses had me surprised, too.

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squidly responds:

Oh shit, did I forget D-Pad controls? I just updated - should work now.

nice game, you prove that old is not obsolete, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

squidly responds:


This Game is wicked man!

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squidly responds:

totally wicked awesome ;)

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2016
12:05 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid