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Reviews for "snek REDUX"

I really like the nostalgic
It's really fun and reminds me the old nokia cellphone

Press "SPACE" to start, in case you can't figure it out.

squidly responds:

Or shift. Or any button on a controller. It says that on the controls m8

Snek? Snek?!?


Awesome game dude :] The taste of your music is awesome and I get seriously mad at myself when I die and it switchs songs. Would you kindly put a clickable link for my lazy ass? :D

squidly responds:

What do you mean clickable link, you mean like, to find the song?

to make up for the 1 star load screen issue. as it may take a while to load i do enjoy the graphic affect!

squidly responds:

Thank you :)

oh, shit it loads a century-long

squidly responds:

Did you really just trash my game because of your internet speed?