Reviews for "snek REDUX"

Awesome musics, quite challanging, simple but good grapics...

What else should I say?

Lag in this kind of game is quite simply inexcusable. My laptop is not anywhere near the high end of computing, but it can still run most of the games on this site without issue. However, with this game, i often find my snake turning up to an entire second after I input the command. Given that game is all about quick timing to avoid instant death, the lag completely ruined the experience, which is a shame, because I quite like Snake-style games.

squidly responds:

Did you try turning off the bg in the options menu?


I don't like sneks, and neither do I like this game.
It gets repetetive fast, and the music choice is terrible IMO.
Also the medals don't seem to work for me.
p.s. remove snek

squidly responds:

That's too bad.

"You Can Stop Now" and "It Goes To Your Thighs" are reversed. Just thought I should point that out.

You need 500 noms to unlock "It Goes To Your Thighs" despite it says you only need 250. At 250 noms you unlock "You Can Stop Now" despite it says you need 500.

Game is difficult. 'Grats to anyone who manages all the medals on this one.