Reviews for "snek REDUX"

*restart the game* YAY UNITYYYY
never thought snake could be this fun. 10/10

squidly responds:

Unity is always a great song :)

Very good, much difficult, do not play after drinks

But seriously, it's a real test of your reaction capability. Really enjoyed the challenge, but not a game i'd like to take on late ate night again. Really creative and kudos for the great idea!

100% too challenging for me lol

i would personally like it more if it didnt move diagonaly when changing directions, just registers the final button press

Seems that on lower game speeds, pressing two movement keys in rapid succession will only register the first. Sadly, I'm in a lax mood this morning, so that about undoes it for me.

Fun concept, definitely some fun being had.
7/10, 3/5 ~WCCC