Reviews for "snek REDUX"

Tobu - Higher and TheFatRat - Unity are my 2 favourite songs. Game is trippy and fun, and actually difficult, which makes it a very rare find in todays world, I love it!

Man,this game is awesome!Pixel,Snek,boss from Nintendo games.

I love random quotes when you lose!"This is how snek work?" HA HA!
Even achievment has reference!Like Awesome Game Done Quick!

The music is so HotLine Miami,they are Pixelised/8-bit!

Not bad,the Slow Down time!I got trouble when I was in the 3rd phase,the path were so thin.
Patient and Reflex are needed.

Hope to get the maximun of trophy!This is a cool game to play!
(This is minor but the Achievment on Newground seen useless...Even thought it all of them in the game)

I really like how you decided "I'm gonna recreate the game snake... with a twist!".
I like how you don't instantly die when you hit a wall especially for noobs like me.
The choice of music is also really good!

The only complaint I got was maybe the "snek time" mechanic because I didn't really use it but that's just my opinion.

Thank you, you made a really enjoyable game and you reminded that the song "Unity" existed :)
I like the "snek time" mechanic

I have three words for you. This is awesome.

squidly responds:

Two words: Thank you :)