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Reviews for "snek REDUX"

"You Can Stop Now" and "It Goes To Your Thighs" are reversed. Just thought I should point that out.

You need 500 noms to unlock "It Goes To Your Thighs" despite it says you only need 250. At 250 noms you unlock "You Can Stop Now" despite it says you need 500.

Game is difficult. 'Grats to anyone who manages all the medals on this one.

Man,this game is awesome!Pixel,Snek,boss from Nintendo games.

I love random quotes when you lose!"This is how snek work?" HA HA!
Even achievment has reference!Like Awesome Game Done Quick!

The music is so HotLine Miami,they are Pixelised/8-bit!

Not bad,the Slow Down time!I got trouble when I was in the 3rd phase,the path were so thin.
Patient and Reflex are needed.

Hope to get the maximun of trophy!This is a cool game to play!
(This is minor but the Achievment on Newground seen useless...Even thought it all of them in the game)

I really like how you decided "I'm gonna recreate the game snake... with a twist!".
I like how you don't instantly die when you hit a wall especially for noobs like me.
The choice of music is also really good!

The only complaint I got was maybe the "snek time" mechanic because I didn't really use it but that's just my opinion.

Thank you, you made a really enjoyable game and you reminded that the song "Unity" existed :)
I like the "snek time" mechanic

I have three words for you. This is awesome.

squidly responds:

Two words: Thank you :)