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Zootopia Shots: What do Predators eat?

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So yeah..while its officially acknowledge that the predators eat a diet of bug protein and fish?, I'm just saying, you know, this is probably just all a cover-up... just saying =P

original youtube video here

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that took a dark turn

The Nutrition Facts and Ingredient list is spot on... Hilarious!

CoolNinjaTMNTFan, you need to watch the original Soylent Green,
Finnick's truck is called a Scoop, and it's a repurposed garbage truck that shows up in the movie doing exactly what is shown here-running down protestors to be forcibly turned into Soylent. (of course, in the movie, no protestor knows that last part. It's just how this post-apocalyptic overcrowded city deals with protestors).

SoylEnt GReEn is PeopLe.

Ahahahah ! I love it ! When I read the title the 1st thing I thought was "soylent green !". It makes my happy to have guessed it :3