Reviews for "Zootopia Shots: What do Predators eat?"

I was kinda hopin that the rabbit gets eaten... Well thats newgrounds for ya. ;)

if they're a predator I'm a predator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

this look like movie but in 2 d ! good work !

NCH responds:

heh thanks but not really, I kinda play it really safe in the animation of clawhauser, he was really animated in the movie. dun have the skills to replicate it properly.

This was good considering you were testing out the frame by frame with lip syncing. Out of curiosity I did look up Soylent Greens, lol

Age: Everyone
that is wrong dude
I Liked the style of the animation, but something that i don't understand
this movie is for everyone? xD
Anyway its great
(i only do big reviews in games sorry)

NCH responds:

actually. one of the goals of this animation is to "educate" the young generation of today. as long as a kid who watch this decide to look up what soylent green is, this short clip has thought them a great pop culture movie knowledge.

I too only got to know what soylent green is about many years ago when i was a young teen through a show that made reference to it and I looked it up to learn the reference and the rest is history lol.